School is almost out and that means it’s time to start thinking about senior pictures.  I mean, once that last bell rings…it’s magic…you become a senior in High School!  I have a lot of clients ask how they can prepare for their senior pictures.  They have a ton of questions.  What kind of location should I pick?  Should I get my make up done before my session?  What should I wear? These are important questions.  You want to look your best and have your pictures be a reflection of who your are, what you love, and express a little about your style.  Here are 3 great tips for helping you prepare for your Senior Photography Session.

  1. Meet with your photographer in person first.  Make sure you are a good fit.  Do they offer several types of location ideas for you?  Do they listen to what you want and what your vision is?
  2. Start a Pinterest page with clothing ideas, backgrounds, and hairstyles that you like.  Don’t be afraid to share it with your photographer and your friends.
  3. Think about bringing a friend to your session.  Friends can help you relax, make you laugh which helps bring out your true personality.

These are just a few ideas that can really help make your photography session unique.  If you are interested in more tips like this, contact me and I will send you my complete Senior Photography Guide with all sorts of awesome stuff.  Until then, here is one of my recent Senior Sessions.

Sidni loves the country and she knew right away that she wanted her session to be in a wide open space similar to where she grew up.  I asked her during our time together if she was willing to wade into the creek and she said, “Of course, I spent most of my childhood Summers, playing in the creek!”  I love Sidni’s adventurous spirit. Keep scrolling for her fun creek shots!

Enjoy your Summer and don’t forget to contact your photographer soon!

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